Above The Aisle There's more than just Left or Right!


Above The Aisle is a place to help counter the growing polarization in our politics. The leadership of the two major parties, Democrats and Republicans, are moving further away from each other towards the extremes of their respective beliefs. This has resulted in what Above The Aisle considers to be limited options for voters. Above The Aisle wants to change that by highlighting candidates for office who are either from other parties or running as an independent candidate.

Above The Aisle will not make a recommendation in all cases. Instead, only those candidates who appear to represent a truly different choice from the major parties will be actively promoted.

Above The Aisle wants to send a message to both Democrats and Republicans: There is more than just Left or Right to choose from! You, the voter, can do this by learning about candidates that offer alternatives and voting for them.

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There's more than just Left or Right!

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