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User Classifications

Users of Above The Aisle can be put into the following classes:

  • Authenicated User
    This is a basic user who has registered with the site.  Such users may comment on articles where comments are allowed without having their comments wait for moderator approval.  They may also start new topics for discussion in the Fourm areas they have access to.
  • Author
    These are users who have been invited or approved to have a personal blog on the site.
  • Editor
    These users are trusted to make decisions regarding moderation of comments as well being able to make corrections as needed to site content.
  • Candidate
    This is a special sub-group of Authors.  They have a personal blog-space, but are not allowed to establish site policy.

The assignment of any given user to a class is currently at the discretion of the site adminstrator.  This will change as the site grows in membership and scope.

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There's more than just Left or Right!

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