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Elect Arthur Lampitt Governor of Nevada

I (boftx) support Arthur Lampitt for Governor of Nevada.

Vote smART<

Arthur Lampitt is running as the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Nevada. We believe his values would be a refresing change for Nevada. Art has some exciting ideas to help our economy get back on track. He is a strong supporter of education. He also is in favor of the Marijauna Innitiative.

Campaign Website: ArtforGov.com<

You can help this effort by visiting his campaign site and learning more his views.  Write favorable comments on the local newspapers editorial pages.  Mention Art's name anytime the race for Governor comes up.  Most important, talk to your friends about Art and his goals.

Art is very approachable and can often be found at the Clark County Libertarian Party monthly meet-up known as "John Adams Night".

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There's more than just Left or Right!

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