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About Above The Aisle

Above The Aisle was started when a few people who were debating on another forum decided to do something about the ever-increasing polarization of the current political environment. These people wanted to send a message to the Democrats and Republicans that the voters had more choices than the ones that were presented by the those parties. Above The Aisle wants to promote those third-party and independent candidates that give the voter a real choice outside the two major parties. In many cases there won't be such a candidate because many of the accepted third-parties are really just offshoots of one of the majors (i.e. the Constitution Party is almost indistinguishable from the current Republican Party). Above The Aisle also attempts to educate the public in the differences and similarities of the various political parties that are commonly recognized today. The information presented has been gathered from various sources, including the parties' websites, and represents the opinion of the editors of Above The Aisle. Corrections and additions are desired and encouraged. It is the desire of Above The Aisle to eventually become a recognized Political Action Committee. Currently Above The Aisle focuses only on candidates for Nevada races. This will change as we grow.

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There's more than just Left or Right!

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