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Now the real campaign begins

08 Jun 2010
Posted by boftx

The polls for the Nevada primary elections close at 7PM today. The real campaign season begins at 7:01. Now is the time for those of us who chose to ignore the major parties to get our own talking points lined up. Now is the time to start telling our friends, neighbors and even strangers on blogs that there are alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans.

One candidate in particular is a superb example of the alternatives: Art Lampitt< for Governor of Nevada.  He wants to put our state on a sound fiscal footing while at the same time recognizes the importance of having an educated electorate.  Beyond that, when he says he wants a government that won't intrude into our personal lives he means it.  How many of the other candidates, from any party, will publicly support the Marijuana Initiative?  Lampitt does!

Moderates of both major parties need to take a long look at Art.

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There's more than just Left or Right!

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