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A new idea for campaign reform

21 May 2010
Posted by boftx

Look at any candidate's campaign donation disclosure and you will likely see several contributions from people and firms that are located in the district that the candidate is running for. But often you will see contributions coming from an entirely different state. Why is this permitted?

Candidates for President are already prohibited from accepting donations from non-US entities for a very good and obvious reason. Why not extend this principle to candidates for other races?

One immediate benefit would be that voters might gain confidence that their elected representative would be more responsible to them and not to an outside influence. Another would be, in some cases, a reduction in the amount of money being spent on a given race. Candidates would be encouraged to look at strategies other than the typical "deep-pockets" that dominate elections today.

I understand that there are serious First Amendment issues involved, and I will look at those in later posts. But for now, I want to put this concept forward and see if others agree with me.

You can vote on this idea here<.

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