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11 Nov 2010
Posted by boftx

Another election is over, finally!

Most of us are both upset and happy at the outcome here in Nevada and nationally.  That is as it should be.

The Republicans have retaken the House, and the Democrats have retained control of the Senate.  Let us hope that with balance restored to D.C. our government will once again realize that Americans are not left or right but just American!

One thing that should be apparent to all of us is that few of us were happy with the choices we were given. How many of you held your nose as you cast your ballot for your candidate?  I'm certain I was not alone in holding mine as I did so.

There really is another choice for the next election.

The Whig party has a long history of opposing the established regime, whether it be the King of England or President Jackson.  It comes and goes depending upon the needs of the populace at the time. It has now re-emerged as a party at a time when America once again needs a voice for the average citizen.

I submit that the Modern Whigs< are worthy of your consideration. Please, take a few minutes to look them up and read what they stand for and their history. After all, Abe Lincoln wasn't that bad.

Thank you for the post. We

Thank you for the post. We are growing and looking to reach out for new members and ideas in Nevada. Anyone interested in more info please contact me at nevada@modernwhig.org<

Mike Bergstrom
Chairman Nevada chapter of the Modern Whig Party

Looks good there boftx...

Looks good there boftx...

Nice site boftx well

Nice site boftx well done.

"How many of you held your nose as you cast your ballot for your candidate?"

Without a doubt, this option of choosing the lesser of two evils is way out of control!

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