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Harry Reid has good reason to fear Sharron Angle

16 Jun 2010
Posted by boftx

Jon Ralston (of the Las Vegas Sun<) recently wrote an opinion piece titled "Sharron Angle’s political makeover"< that gave a reasonably fair analysis of Angle's prospects.  One section in particular caught my attention:

...[I]f she can feint toward the middle on issues that might have alienated her from independent voters — or at least massage them in a non-L. Ron Hubbard way — Reid, despite his Angle Marginalization Plan, may be the one consigned to the fringe.

It is hardly out of the question that the populous Anybody-But-Reid Caucus will choose her instead of one of the ballot’s other choices (including “none of these candidates”), especially if she seems benignly eccentric instead of certifiably cuckoo.

The key phrase is "benignly eccentric". Moderates and independents will accept her if they feel that her more aggressive views will not gain traction in the Senate. Her solid views on fiscal policy will appeal strongly to them.

Reid will scare them much more because of his power in the Senate. He can force action on his more extreme liberal views by virtue of his position as Majority Leader. Almost all of Reid's supporters point to his position as being a plus for Nevada, but I think this could be a weakness for him.  Just who is Reid going to represent when one of his responsibilities is to push forward the President's agenda, which may not be best for Nevada? He is already dealing with a lot of backlash from perceptions of having rammed unpopular legislation down the throats of his constituents when a majority (albeit a small majority) did not want it.

Angle can work towards those things moderates and independents want but not be able to hurt the things they love. That can not be said of Reid, and may well be the key to a victory for Angle.

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