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The Government doth protest too much, methinks

28 May 2010
Posted by boftx

An AP story (via the Las Vegas Sun) titled "Administration seeks employer sanction review"< raises an interesting question.  Specifically, if the sections of the AZ law in question promote profiling, then why is the existing Federal statute, which the AZ law took almost word for word, okay?

As stated in the article, the practice of requiring all new hires to produce documentation proving the right to work in this country has been in place for 25yrs. The procedure has nothing to do with the race or (to put it more accurately) ethnicity of a job applicant.  In fact, the question of right to work can't even be answered until after an applicant has been hired and he or she must produce appropriate documents before starting work.  Companies already are required to follow this procedure.

I see no conflict with Arizona requiring the same, and backing it up with penlites if the law is not followed.  Why would the Federal government want to prevent Arizona from doing this?  Or rather, why hasn't the Federal government been enforcing this law?  Clearly the law is ignored as evidenced by the number of illegal immigrants picked up on (the all too rare) employer sweeps conducted by ICE.

For the Federal government to ask the US Supreme Court to overturn the Arizona law based on the claim that the AZ law will lead to discrimination and that the (identical) Federal law takes precedence is the height of hypocrisy.  The Federal government is not protecting the citizenry when it refuses to enforce the law.  This is one of the primary functions of government and when the elected officials refuse to do this then they must be replaced.

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